What we Provide :

Sorted and selected drivers for their experiments (punctuality, smile, courtesy, elegance, discretion, professionalism) with perfect knowledge of the area (roads, hotels, restaurants, vineyards …)

VTC drivers in suits and ties recognized by the French autorities, thanks to their formation. They are French, English, Spanish speaking. They will take you wherever you want safely. You have the choice of having only the driver, without their vehicle.

Van (up to 8 people) and Mercedes sedans (up to 4), wich are luxury models.
Our vehicles are equipped with leather, phone chargers, WiFi, water bottles …


Quick transfers to the airport, the train station … But all in comfort and safety!

Wine Tour

Excursions to the most famous vineyards of the Bordeaux region, the wine capital

Vehicle and Driver providing

A chauffeur at your service for the duration of the benefit. The pleasure to travel in safety and freedom …

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Punctuality, courtesy & smile
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Always on Time
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Based in Bordeaux, we can move throughout France to meet your demands

All our services are approved by the Ministry of Transport of France, our drivers are graduates of VTC test to serve you better